The Atco Ghost Story

This is the story as it is told

The Story Of The Atco Ghost

Anyone who has lived here in Southern New Jersey has heard of the Pine Barrens. Scattered throughout the Pines,  are a bunch of little old towns. One of them is Atco (Waterford Township). Atco is right in the thick of the Pines and is bordered by Wharton State Forest in many places. Anyone living in this town or any town near Atco has heard of the Atco Ghost. Down a dark road in Atco, supposedly Burnt Mill Road, there is a house, and apparently a few years back a little boy was playing with a ball in the yard. Now understand that Burnt Mill Road is a long straight road that goes for quite a while and heads straight out into the forest. It is pretty common for cars to go pretty fast down this road and in fact you could say they race down this road. Well, the little boy chased his ball into the street, where he was hit by a speeding car and killed. The car and its partying occupants took off and were never found. Another version of the story says that a speeding truck came out of sewer treatment complex at the end of the paved part of the road and the drunkin driver hit the kid.   Just a Note!!   There is NO documentation on any child being hit and killed by an automobile or truck on Burnt Mill Road.  Go Figure!!   But anyway……

Over the years, people have been going to the spot of the tragedy to see the little boys ghost chasing his ball into the road. You are to go at midnight and park in a specific spot. Then flash your lights at the area across from the house. The house is one which is suppose to have a fence in the front with an opening leading up to the home. You are to park three telephone poles away from the opening in the fence and face the area in front of the house. Sound your horn 3 times, blink your headlights 3 times and if you wait long enough and the paranormal conditions are just right, an image of the dead boy is supposed to be seen chasing the ball into the street with headlights coming at him. Almost all of the people that have seen this have described it in the same way. Some have seen slightly different scenes but the basic story is the same.

I’ll tell you this, if you do go down Burnt Mill Road at night and keep going beyond where the pavement stops and then keep going a little farther you’ll probably end up with some ghost stories of your own. It’s a “DARK as dark can be” road. You can easily end up lost and even if you’re lucky enough to end up back on paved road before morning you’re not going to know where you are anyway.

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